Live and Studio Drumming:
After several, even longer tours on different continents and hundreds of performed shows at all kinds of venues and festivals I can still say I enjoy (and can handle) touring. If you need help for single shows or tours, or need a steady live drummer, get in touch and we can see if we can make something happen. This should not be reduced to Europe, I am used to travel and happy to perform anywhere possible and reasonable.


I remember recording my first records was at a time where digital recording and especially digital editing was not available. I became used to record drum tracks “as they will stay” in the recording and still put a lot of value in delivering “no reason to edit”-tracks. I additionally believe that a “play for the song” attitude, drive, a sense and feel for the music add more value to any recording than purely prioritizing technical and complicated parts. I am open to record anywhere in the world where I feel that my drumming appreciates to one’s music.


Remote Recordings / Drums on Demand: Whoever feels my drumming fits to your songs/record/demo, etc., but is too far away to meet in the studio, get in touch and I am happy to record drum tracks here and provide them via the internet.


Lessons: I am located in Nuremberg and whoever is interested in Drum Lessons is welcome to contact me.
I believe that solid technique, understanding and sense for the music together with self-reflection of one’s playing and the fun in what you are doing are the foundation of every good drummer and are the values I want to transfer. Additionally, I am happy to share experiences from touring, recording and band stuff in general.


Tourwork (Tourmanagement, Driving, Merchandise, Drum Tech):

During my time with Oxymoron and after, I have enjoyed touring with other bands doing various tourwork.
In 1999 I got to work with Gang Green, one of my since-ever favorite bands, on their European Tour. It turned out me performing the song Alcohol with them on the drums every night - which was great fun.
I travelled with the Angry Samoans on their last two European Tours and we got to play The Ballad of Jerry Curlan together for some shows, with Billy taking over the vocals for this song.
Between 2003 and 2015 I worked as drum technician on four UK/European Tours for the Dead Kennedys.
Further bands/artist I worked with on Tour: The Damned, Rose Tattoo, Refused, Badflower, Chen Zimbalista, etc.



I am always open for good Projects or Bands.